Rabu, 29 September 2010

So Nice!

timi leslie Abby Diaper Ocean

timi leslie Abby Diaper Ocean

Personally, I absolutely Love this bag. It has become my favorite bag to use when I am out with my kids (and some times without them!) You can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body which is great. Its quite stylish and functional with many pockets. The style alone is a huge factor. Its a beautiful ocean blue color - great for any season and any clothing article. You can use this dressed casual or dressed up - its so versatile! Its made from faux leather so its easy to clean- a wipe down is all it takes. It does not look like a diaper bag but functions 100% as one. Yet- if your baby is older and you don't need a diaper bag or happen to love this bag and think its a diaper bag only - well, good news - its a great "non diaper bag" as well. Just take out the baby items such as the mat and bottle tote and there you go - you actually have a bag your going to love regardless.

For baby it has a changing pad with a mesh pocket to store diapers wipes or cream. It has a zippered sac for soiled cloths. It also comes with an insulated bottle tote. It has matching straps that connect to your stroller as well. In addition it as a clutch that matches the bag with credit card slots and zippered pocket.

The lining is water resistant and a light color, so you can find everything in your bag with ease. There are 5 exterior pockets and 6 interior ones along with a key fob.

I use this bag as my main bag all the time, where ever I go and people have complimented me on it whether I am with my toddler or alone. Even though its a "blue" color it really can go for a boy or girl, thats how stylish this bag is! I think its almost safe to say everyone will love it!

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  1. Jimmy Nicholson26 Oktober 2010 07.32

    My first diaper bag was a plastic-y, patterned diaper bag that I didn't particularly enjoy carrying around. It was also too small once the baby gets bigger (as diapers and clothes also get bigger). I have dreamed of one of the fancy diaper bags, and this one doesn't disappoint.

    The ocean blue is a beautiful color (happens to be the same color as the purse I was most recently carrying). It is amazingly soft. The zippers and zipper pulls are relatively heavy-duty, but I was surprised at how light-weight the diaper bag is while empty. (Different story once you start filling it, of course!)

    I carry it with the handles, but it also has a strap that lets you carry it across your body. I love having the stroller straps to attach it to the handles of our Britax B-Agile Stroller, Black, rather than trying to stuff it the in the little basket under the stroller.

    The included clutch is plenty big enough for a drivers license, credit/debit cards, etc. The bag easily fits diapers, spare clothes, diaper cream, sunscreen, cell phone, etc. It has lots of pockets. I don't use the bottle holder, so that gives me some extra space. I plan on using the bottle holder later for transporting frozen baby foods. There is a "dirty clothes" bag, but I don't carry that either. (Personally, if I have dirty/poopy clothes, I put them into a plastic bag, which can be disposed of later if needed.)

    I am so pleased with this bag, and have become the envy of my mother, who dreams of having a bag like this for a purse. I anticipate that this bag will last a long time (years), so will easily carry through multiple children. So happy to have a practical diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag.

  2. Ok, I admit it- I am not a mother or aunt or any immediate relation to a very small child. I wanted this bag because it is beautiful. Included with this bag are a changing pad, a small clutch that matching this bag, a waterproof bag (supposedly for dirty diapers- but works well for semi-dry swimsuits too), a bottle holder that will insulate drinks, and straps to convert it to an across the body bag, and to attach it to a stroller. This bag does not look like a diaper bag (and it is wonderful to have a bag that the lining is waterproof!) You can use this bag for work, or as a large purse- it has SO MANY pockets- they are everywhere- in every shape and size imaginable. These pockets however do make it difficult to take it to places where you might be subject to searching on a daily basis (the officials have to put their hands in every pocket and this takes a LONG time due to the number of them). Overall though, this is a wonderful, sturdily constructed bag that could definitely be used by anyone, not just parent. I can see this bag holding up for a long time. I highly recommend it.

  3. Tabitha Buckner24 November 2011 03.32

    I was so happy by how light this was, normally the leather looking bags are so heavy. It came with all sorts of fun extras, and I love the color!

  4. This really is everything a diaper bag should be for the on the go urban mother. It's sturdy, has tons of pockets that can actually HOLD things from diapers to toys to a change of cloths to an iPad and snack for mommy. It's easy to clean and comfortable to carry. All of that and the best perk of all, it doesn't look or feel like a diaper bag! Worth every penny!

  5. Juan Fitzgerald18 Desember 2011 14.32

    First off I love the color of this bag. It does seem a little bit darker in person but it is a really pretty shade. I have used two other diaper bags, a winnie the pooh bag and another no name brand diaper bag. The no name one is the one I replaced this one with. I use one to take to and from daycare and then I have my more personal one that has my stuff in it too. The diaper bag that I replaced this with was longer than this Timi and Leslie bag and I thought no way everything from my first bag would fit in there. But, I was wrong. Everything fit with room to spare. I put in two outfits, 8 diapers, a 4 oz container of snacks, diaper wipes, hands and face wipes, pacifier wipes, two bulky toys, and two burp blankets. There are so many pouches to fit things so thing don't get lost. There is a hook for you keys. There is a separate small purse for you credit cards, money, phone and other small essentials. It has an insulated bottle tote, which I ended up taking out and haven't used yet but I can see putting bottles or baby food in it to keep in cool.

    The two straps fit easily on my shoulder but if that doesn't work for you there is another strap that you can hook on and wear this as a messenger bag and it is adjustable. There are also two other straps that you can hook on so you can hook the diaper bag to a stroller. It is so versatile!

    It doesn't look like a diaper bag at all, which is kind of bad for my boyfriend when he takes our baby out and takes this diaper bag with him. But, I guess as long as he has the baby with him people will realize it is a diaper bag :P

    There are so many zippers and pouches on the outside too that I don't know what to do with all of them. But, it is nice to have them there to stash things. I put my keys and phone in one of the outside pouches so I don't have to open the diaper bag.

    The changing pad is great. It folds out larger than my other changing pads and there is a pouch on it that you can add the wipes and a diaper. There is a place in the diaper bag where all that fits and snaps nicely in place. My old diaper bag changing pad would slouch in there and get in the way and it was hard to get it back in as well, but this one is so much more easier and organized. There is even a soiled clothes bag. Which I needed a week before I got this, my baby had an accident where I had to change his clothes. Lucky I was at my dads where I could steal a zip lock bag from him and put the soiled clothes, but if that happened somewhere without access to that I would have be SOL, but not anymore. Now I can just put the soiled clothes in that bag and it won't get anything else smelly or dirty in the diaper bag.

    It also isn't that heavy and it fit really snug on my shoulder and hangs in a great spot so it isn't in the way when I am carrying my baby. Plus, it is easy to put on the shoulder when I already have my baby in my hands. It is a perfect all around diaper bag.