Rabu, 01 September 2010

Love Love Love the Ujena Seabeach Banded bikini

Seabeach Banded Bikini Swimwear Separates

Seabeach Banded Bikini Swimwear Separates

This is the cutest little sunsuit! I took my 3 month-old camping at the beach and it is very hard to find swim/beach things for a baby that young. The i play brand came to the rescue! They have so many beach/swim/sun protection products that are high quality and adorable. Everyone who saw my baby asked me where I got this sunsuit. It made it so I only had to put sunscreen on his feet, hands, and face (got the all-clear from his pediatrician to use sunscreen on him and we used Mustela baby sunscreen, which is fantastic, by the way). I also LOVE that this has a zipper AND snaps. He did have a, um, diaper mishap in this and it had easy access and cleaned up wonderfully. FYI, I expected it to go to his ankles, but it went a little past his knee. He is a tall baby, though. I would recommend this to anyone taking their little one out into the sun.

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  1. Matthew Jefferson28 Oktober 2012 14.32

    I have never ordered clothing online, especially a swim suit. On impulse and because I have not found a suit I wanted for my honeymoon, I purchased the Ujena Seabeach Banded and the Ujena sheer mirage string bikini. I love them both and am in a bit of shock. I am not the typical bikini body but Ujena Seabeach Banded makes me feel and look like I could be. The purchase and delivery was very quick and knowing this was made in America makes me feel better about it. I was afraid when I hit purchase that I would have to return one or both but I will order more of Ujena swimsuits in the future. Now I just have to wait for the honeymoon.!