Minggu, 05 September 2010

Little swimmers

Arena Girls Malaki Polyester Swimsuit

Arena Girls Malaki Polyester Swimsuit

It did take a little while for this product to be shipped to me, keeping me anxious in trying them out. But once I received them in the mail, I was THRILLED to discover how easy they were to put into the bikini pad inserts, and they INSTANTLY made "everything" look more appealing. I've been having this issue with a certain bikini top because it tied in the front, and it didn't lift the way I wanted it to. But once I put the Swim Shapers in, they completely did what I wanted them to do. Provide the perfect lift, that didn't look fake or like something was in my top. This is a MUST BUY if you want just a firm lift for your bikini top. The pads are not rediculously firm either, but rather very comfortable. Haven't tested them out in a pool yet, but I'm sure they will be just fine (: I had to order the cup C/D even though I am a 34B...but thanks to another review someone wrote, I was lucky (: The pads "create" the c/d cup. Just keep that in mind before you order them. Besides that, no problem what so ever! MUST BUY!

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  1. For anyone that doesn't know much about the sizing of little kids competitive swimsuits - and I include myself in this group - I bought this for my four-year-old because she's already on the path to swimming competitively. It was massive on her. She's on the skinny side so that probably didn't help but I think this suit is probably appropriate for an eight-year-old girl. The above being said, the suit is nonetheless absolutely fantastic. It's gorgeous, looks to be well-made, and reasonably priced for a team-type swimsuit. Rather than returning it, I put it away for her to wear in a few years. Just thought I would share this for anyone who's not quite sure whether a 22 would fit their child.