Selasa, 28 September 2010

Great Product!

Amour Fringe Halter Swimsuit Bathing

Amour Fringe Halter Swimsuit Bathing

This is a fantastic suit, classic Speedo quality and flattering design.

If you've read all the reviews and are wondering what's going on with the sizes, here's what you need to know:

1. It is cut for serious swimmers, not to wear while sunning yourself on the beach. That means it grips tightly around the straps and leg holes. If you're muscular, you won't notice. If you're less muscular, you might bulge a bit. That doesn't mean the suit is too tight!

2. The sizing is accurate, that is a 36 is a size six (which is what the chart tells you it should be). I'm 141 pounds, 5' 5", 27" waist, and wear a size 6 jean. The suit fits me perfectly.

3. That said, I expect it depends quite a bit on how you're built.

If you're pear-shaped, with a narrow torso, you should be fine. My butt is 39" (39.5 on a bad day) but my rib cage is only 29" or 30", with a bust size of 35" fully expanded. My shoulders are big, but basically: the parts of me that are INSIDE the suit (stomach, torso, chest) are relatively petite. The parts that are OUTSIDE the suit (shoulders, butt) are where I carry a lot of my weight.

If you have a thick torso, big waist, or large bust (as one of the other reviewers noted), the suit probably WILL be tight for you. I could see where someone with a 34" or 36" rib cage (or a 38" or larger bust) could run into problems.

So if your butt or shoulders are largish--no worries, get the suit. If your waist, chest, or bust are on the large size--consider going up a size or two.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Carmella Howell19 Oktober 2011 04.32

    Just received my order today. It came 2 weeks sooner than expected and fit perfectly! I love it and so does my boyfriend! Cant wait to wear it this weekend!

  2. Okay I was more than happy with my product. It was the PERFECT size and came faster than expected about two weeks. The suit was made so well and is such a great material (Soft/Silky) and better yet you know 100% for certain you are the first and only one who has tried on this bathing suit. I bought the light blue with string bottoms in a medium . i'm a size 34c sometimes D depending on the bra. I'm a medium bottom but mostly a large top and this medium fit perfect! couldn't be happier with this buy.

  3. This product came in less time then it said and also fit perfectly! I also loved how they have tons of colors to choose from :) I highly recommend this company!!!

  4. I ordered this bikini for my trip to Vegas. It arrived quickly and is so awesome. I am ordering more in various colors :)

  5. Like others said, it came allot faster than the delivery estimate. Mine was may 24-June 9 and it came today. I got the large in black. It seems to be good quality which I am very happy about. Very true to the picture. And the fit is great. All around I'm glad I got it.