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Very cute!

Strawberry Reusable periodic Recycling Shopping

Strawberry Reusable periodic Recycling Shopping

I've been looking to upgrade my router to a Wireless N since upgrading my modem several months ago, and finally the right deal hit - A Netgear WNR1500 which supports 802.11bgn. My needs are basic: I need to wire in a game console and my PC, and have access to wireless for cell phones and laptops throughout the rest of the house.

The list price for the WNR1500 is $50, but I got it for $30 plus a $10 mail in rebate, and I couldn't say no. The industry reviews on the item were very good quality, and I pulled the trigger.

Setup of the router was simple, the wizard got me up and running in no time - and for the power user there's a bevy of options available to tweak your security and settings. There were no compatibility or driver issues at all with my Windows 7 PC, I plugged and played.

The unit features two detachable antannaes. I actually had some concern about the range, because bucking all advice, I set up this router in the BASEMENT of my house (You are supposed to have your router as high as you can), because that's where the majority of the units I wanted to WIRE in were. The WNR1500, in addition to the wireless, also features 4 LAN ports. But, after setting it up in the basement (on the bottom shelf of a stand, no less) - Testing on the 1st and 2nd floors of my house went flawlessly, I was impressed with the strength and range. I was getting full bars as far away from the router as I could be while still being indoors.

This is probably not too important to most, but I think the unit looks sharp as well, sleek and all black with the appropriate blinking lights.

Overall, I am very pleased with the router and have no complaints.

Pros:Great range, looks sharp, easy set up.

The Bottom Line: Couldn't be happier with the WNR1500 - If your routing needs are basic, I can't think of a reason not to go with this.

Recommended: Yes

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  1. I LOVE these little strawberry bags! They work so well, and fit right in my purse! So many times I'll go into the store meaning to bring my reusable bags with me, only to forget them! Now I at least have one bag on me because it stays in my purse! Very practical and adorable! I'll be giving 2 as gifts for Christmas as well!

  2. I bought one for my niece who loves strawberries and one for myself. My only issue is that the closure toggle isn't very tight.

  3. Lilian Swanson10 Oktober 2011 15.32

    These are so cute. Not the largest reusable bag, but I love the way it folds up into a strawberry and I can just hang it on a hook somewhere!

  4. Eugene Vazquez17 Oktober 2011 15.32

    I saw these last year and didn't buy them, but wished I had. These have been great add-on's this year to lots of gifts-such as teacher presents, and diaper cakes!

  5. I needed a little gift for a bunch of people in my office at Christmas and this was PERFECT. Useful, adorable, cheap - just a little token of a holiday gift to say thanks. I got so many thank-you cards about what a cute idea this was!

  6. Bridgette Mclaughlin24 November 2012 07.32

    Awesome and is a great stocking stuffer! Great for using over and over again. Great price too! You'll love this.

  7. These Strawberry's are fun for my lady, hang on her purse, easy to open, works Great and the checkers at the Market got as kick out of them.

  8. This is well made and a great idea, I like these a lot, they are soo cool..Thanks for these. thanks