Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

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Procellix 6oz Cellulite Gel Aminophylline

Procellix 6oz Cellulite Gel Aminophylline

I've been looking to upgrade my router to a Wireless N since upgrading my modem several months ago, and finally the right deal hit - A Netgear WNR1500 which supports 802.11bgn. My needs are basic: I need to wire in a game console and my PC, and have access to wireless for cell phones and laptops throughout the rest of the house.

The list price for the WNR1500 is $50, but I got it for $30 plus a $10 mail in rebate, and I couldn't say no. The industry reviews on the item were very good quality, and I pulled the trigger.

Setup of the router was simple, the wizard got me up and running in no time - and for the power user there's a bevy of options available to tweak your security and settings. There were no compatibility or driver issues at all with my Windows 7 PC, I plugged and played.

The unit features two detachable antannaes. I actually had some concern about the range, because bucking all advice, I set up this router in the BASEMENT of my house (You are supposed to have your router as high as you can), because that's where the majority of the units I wanted to WIRE in were. The WNR1500, in addition to the wireless, also features 4 LAN ports. But, after setting it up in the basement (on the bottom shelf of a stand, no less) - Testing on the 1st and 2nd floors of my house went flawlessly, I was impressed with the strength and range. I was getting full bars as far away from the router as I could be while still being indoors.

This is probably not too important to most, but I think the unit looks sharp as well, sleek and all black with the appropriate blinking lights.

Overall, I am very pleased with the router and have no complaints.

Pros:Great range, looks sharp, easy set up.

The Bottom Line: Couldn't be happier with the WNR1500 - If your routing needs are basic, I can't think of a reason not to go with this.

Recommended: Yes

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  1. I have used this product for the past year and it has gotten rid of my cellulite completely. I used to have cellulite on the tops of the back of my thighs and a little on the front. By using Procellix in the morning and at night for three months it went away. Now I only use it a once a day to maintain my results and my bottle can last as long as two months! If you have cellulite, this is your solution!

  2. I have purchased this product for my legs and it really helped get rid of the cellulite on my legs!!!

  3. Josephine Pierce25 November 2010 15.32

    I have cellulite on my thighs. I go to the gym 5 times a week and watch what I eat, but the cellulite is substantial. After using this product for 2 months I see a huge decrease in the size of the cellulite bumps. I think if I keep using Procellix it will eventually disappear. I used Nivea Bye Bye Cellulite for almost a year and saw no reduction in my cellulite. I believe that this product works, just give it a few months.

  4. Procellix works for my wife, so I order it before she runs out.
    She actually gets nervous when she gets low.
    Even with free shipping service it comes in about a week.

  5. Heather T.

    I work out and try to watch what I eat but I couldn't help notice that I was starting to get cellulite on my thighs. I heard about this product and figured I'd try it. While the cellulite didn't go away completely, it's appearance was greatly reduced after a month of using this product faithfully. Now that summers coming up, I need to get more!