Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

I love it

Aquabelle Chlorine Resistant Spirograph Swimsuit

Aquabelle Chlorine Resistant Spirograph Swimsuit

The most beautiful thing about this book, for me, is the way Shauna's hospitality shines through the pages. As I read her stories, I feel seen and heard. Although our stories are different, the feelings she shares are universal. The association between food and shame, the ways food is tied to both giving and receiving love, and the fears that hold us back from new experiences--these are pieces of each of our bigger stories. Shauna inspires me to try new recipes, to invite more people into my home, without overwhelming me or making me feel guilty or like a failure because I haven't done it before. She shares game-changing roasted broccoli and simply and perfectly prepared scrambled eggs right alongside elaborate dinner parties featuring printed menu cards--and I feel as though sharing love through each meal is not only possible, but the only ingredient that is truly necessary in any preparation.

If you are looking for encouragement as a home cook, a friend, a sister, a wife, a mom--you will find it in the pages of this book. Leafing through these pages, I feel as though I am at Shauna's table. I am sitting in her safe zone, and it is a place of warmth and nourishment for my heart. Not only is my heart encouraged, but Shauna opens her heart to me as well. She brings me into the hard places in her own life, the moments that catch you off guard and steal your breath and don't represent your best. She shares with so much honesty that I am drawn deeper into her story, and become more wiling to examine the darker places of my own story.

Shauna's words remind us of the way of food. She brings us back to our need for nourishment and our need for one another. The table is one space we share our common needs. Shauna's invitation, throughout this book, is "Come to the table." As I closed the book and began to digest her words, that is exactly what I wanted to do.

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