Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

A Real Mom Pleaser

Daddys Girl Protective Swimsuit Swimwear

Daddys Girl Protective Swimsuit Swimwear

I've been looking to upgrade my router to a Wireless N since upgrading my modem several months ago, and finally the right deal hit - A Netgear WNR1500 which supports 802.11bgn. My needs are basic: I need to wire in a game console and my PC, and have access to wireless for cell phones and laptops throughout the rest of the house.

The list price for the WNR1500 is $50, but I got it for $30 plus a $10 mail in rebate, and I couldn't say no. The industry reviews on the item were very good quality, and I pulled the trigger.

Setup of the router was simple, the wizard got me up and running in no time - and for the power user there's a bevy of options available to tweak your security and settings. There were no compatibility or driver issues at all with my Windows 7 PC, I plugged and played.

The unit features two detachable antannaes. I actually had some concern about the range, because bucking all advice, I set up this router in the BASEMENT of my house (You are supposed to have your router as high as you can), because that's where the majority of the units I wanted to WIRE in were. The WNR1500, in addition to the wireless, also features 4 LAN ports. But, after setting it up in the basement (on the bottom shelf of a stand, no less) - Testing on the 1st and 2nd floors of my house went flawlessly, I was impressed with the strength and range. I was getting full bars as far away from the router as I could be while still being indoors.

This is probably not too important to most, but I think the unit looks sharp as well, sleek and all black with the appropriate blinking lights.

Overall, I am very pleased with the router and have no complaints.

Pros:Great range, looks sharp, easy set up.

The Bottom Line: Couldn't be happier with the WNR1500 - If your routing needs are basic, I can't think of a reason not to go with this.

Recommended: Yes

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  1. Annie Mcpherson21 Desember 2010 04.32

    So cute and easy! The well constructed zipper holds up and they are so easy to get on and off wet or dry. The material also dries quickly, though I am not sure if that is by design or a happy coincidence. So excited for the summer swim season.

  2. Maryann Stewart29 Desember 2010 13.32

    I just love this swimsuit! It is totally adorable and my daughter absolutely loves the super soft SwimZip material. We are pretty fair skinned in my family, so getting swimwear with UV sun protection is a no-brainer - no excuse not to with all the info coming out about how uv exposure leads to skin cancer (got to keep my kiddos safe!!!). The style is so cute, and has lots of great features like the zipper garage at to top of the swim shirt, but my favorite part is the full zipper. My kids can put on and take off their own rash guard swim shirt - no more getting stuck in the neck hole. Trips to the pool used to start with tears, now my kids can actually put on their own sunscreen. LOVE!!!

  3. Ernestine Wyatt11 November 2011 06.32

    We love this product and will buy two new ones for this summer. They are easy to put on and take off dry or wet. They are cute and they help me keep my daughter safe. Reapplying sunscreen throughout a day at the beach or pool is hard, this way the most vulnerable parts of her skin are constantly protected. The best bonus is they are so easy to put on/take off and so cute that I often put the top on her when she plays outside, with water or not.

    I should add that these swimsuits really hold up and fit as expected. We are only ordering new ones because we've added another baby this summer and I plan to use my daughters swimzip from last summer for exclusively around the house and her new one for the pool.

  4. SwimZip is the best swimwear I have found! The zipper is great quality and it has made going to the pool so fun. I don't have stress as much about sunscreen. Also, I heard they are coming out with hats soon - I can't wait for those. I highly recommend SwimZip for anyone with kids

  5. I love how it covers the shoulders which are most easily burnt by the sun. The zipper makes it easy to remove without struggling with a wet and uncomfortable kid. Love the new designs and great customer service!

  6. Vernon Whitehead29 Desember 2012 08.32

    We heard about SwimZip in the Fall of 2012 and bought one of their rashguards for our children. We loved the fact that it had a full zip. Pulling off a wet swim top without a full zip is not fun - if you've ever tried it, you know this.
    When they came out with their full suits, we ordered two for each of our children. They wash well, the colors have not faded and the fit is fantastic. We love the new Summer 2013 collection and can't wait for our order to arrive. Thanks for making suncare a breeze - and so cute SwimZip!

  7. The pink bows are perfect;) couldn't get anymore girly. Sun safe and cute! Protect your kids from the sun and buy one. Promise you won't be disappointed!!!

  8. My daughters and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swim Zip suits. They make pool time so much easier - no more battle getting suits on and off and it's so nice to not have to cover my daughter's chest and arms in sunscreen. SwimZip provides protection without putting all the nasty chemicals on my babies. My girls are also the cutest ones at the pool. We own three different styles and they are all SO adorable! I can't even count how many times we've been asked where we found such cute suits. :)